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How Is the Price Set?

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The price of your order depends on several factors: the type of paper, its complexity level, page count, deadline, and extras.

Here are our additional options that you can add to your order:

  • Abstract page. The cost is $14.99.
  • VIP Customer Service. When you choose this feature, you get the privilege of being served as #1. We will answer all your requests immediately. You will also get SMS notifications with the status of your order. You can get it for $14.99.
  • Plagiarism report. This feature is for you if you want to be assured that your paper is authentic. The price for double-spaced page documents is $9.99 — 1-10 pages, $10.99 plus $1 for each additional page for eleven and more pages. The price for single-spaced page documents is $6 — 1-5 pages, and $11.99 plus $2 for each additional page for six and more pages.
  • Preferred writer. If you turn to our company not for the first time and you liked the paper completed by a particular author, you can assign your next order to him or her. The price will depend on the writer.

Also, we have discounts for orders with the total price more than $500 — a 5% discount, and for orders with the total price more than $1000 — a 10% discount.